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Trusting God in Difficult Times

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April 12, 2020

School is in:   (Part 2)

(Mar 26, 2020)

Our Pastor's thoughts on facing the current time:            

(Mar 20, 2020)

A few days ago we considered the question of “what is God teaching us through the health and economic struggles the world is facing in these last few weeks”? In other words, we are in the school of learning great truths from our Heavenly Father that will not only help us navigate the troubling waters of the COVID-19 virus but ought to ultimately draw us closer to Jesus Christ.


One of the great dangers of enduring trial in our lives is that we may look so intently at our own situation we forget or neglect others. The needs of our closest friends and loved ones can be readily apparent and we can be quick to respond to those needs as they arise but what about the lives of others?


Have you ever driven along the interstate and as you pass by a city or town, notice someone going about his or her day-to-day business? Someone pulling into a grocery store or gas station perhaps.  Maybe you caught a glimpse of someone cutting the grass or rolling a recycle bin out to the curb. In other words you were reminded that this is a great


Faithfulness in giving during this time is very much appreciated and needed. Please remember that tithes and offerings can be mailed to us using the address listed in the contact & directions tab of the menu. Or, if you have a PayPal account, you may send your contribution to the Church using our new email address, FBCWarwickRI@gmail.com.

big world and there are millions of people who all have their very own story. The story they would tell may be different than yours or mine but real just the same.

That simple illustration reminds me of the second truth God is teaching during these days. A truth of which we must be mindful, not only in trial but also in calm. Life is so much bigger than our selves. We see all around us evidence that many have chosen to ignore that truth. Some People are positioning themselves to take advantage of every benefit they can even at the detriment of others around them. It doesn’t take long to find a news report of someone excessively hoarding or making decisions regarding social distancing without considering how it might negatively impact others. I say all that to say this. We cannot live life pleasing to our Father in Heaven; if we are not willing to live life as He did on the Earth.

 The Bible tells us that Christ came to give His life a ransom for many. Jesus came to seek and to save those that are lost. The Bible tells us in the book of John that God sent His son to die. The perfect lamb was slain on the cross for others.

​​​​I pray that in my life and in yours, we would settle the issue that life is not just about ourselves but others. There is a world full of people who need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and that He died to save them and forgive them. There is a world full of people who need to see the love of Christ in the lives of Christians who are willing to trust God and serve others whoever they may be. There is a world of people that need to see those who claim to know Christ and then behave like it. Others need to see us live above fear and worry because we really do have confidence in a sovereign, almighty, all caring, loving God.

I write this not as an instructor but as a student. My prayer and hope is that we would live, in these days and always, for others.

School is in:   (Part 1)

Ancient of Days

(Mar 21, 2020)

(Lyrics to a song by CityAlight)

              As we journey through the maze of the trying circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 health pandemic, we may be tempted to throw up our hands in despair. By listening to the news channels, conversations with friends and overhearing remarks of those standing in line to buy supplies, we may realize we don’t really know what to think about all of it. There seems to be a multitude of questions but a shortage of answers. When will all this end? Will I still have a job? Will I be able to take care of my family? These are a few of our questions and they are serious. Although there is still no vaccine for the virus, and seemingly not many answers to the most critical questions we have, there is one thing we can be sure of. God is teaching us some very important truths during this time of epic trial. Yes we are still in school.

              Let us focus for the next few days and weeks on the question, what is God trying to teach us? I would like to share with you several ways God is building us up and making us stronger during this time as we are reminded of some simple truths from His word.

              The truth to focus on today is that WE NEED EACH OTHER. As we consider our neighbors, coworkers, family and friends, we recognize that

Though the nations rage Kingdoms rise and fall There is still one King Reigning over all So I will not fear for this truth remains: That my God is the Ancient of Days
None above Him, none before Him All of time in His hands For His throne it shall remain and ever stand  All the power, all the glory I will trust in His name For my God is the Ancient of Days
Though the dread of night Overwhelms my soul He is here with me I am not alone O His love is sure and He knows my name For my God is the Ancient of Days   Though I may not see What the future brings I will watch and wait For the Saviour King Then my joy complete standing face to face In the presence of the Ancient of Days   None above Him, none before Him All of time in His hands For His throne it shall remain and ever stand  All the power, all the glory I will trust in His name For my God is the Ancient of Days

(Credit: Jonny Robinson, Rich Thompson, Michael Farren, Jesse Reeves)

we are all in this together. There will be a joint effort to make sure needs are met and everyone is cared for. There are more people than we can count or even imagine that are actively sacrificing their time, resources and health to provide essential and critical supplies and services throughout the pandemic we face. Just as there are many people helping others with the needs they encounter, God has told us in His word that believers, those who make up the church, need one another as well. God calls us a family and we are all equipped in unique ways to form one body that functions together to do God’s work on this earth. The Bible tells us in the book of Hebrews that we are to exhort each other. In the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians, he reminds us to edify one another, and to build each other up in the faith. God has called us as Christians to strengthen our brothers and sisters. It is clear in the scripture that God is teaching us that we need each other, now as much as in any other time.  

Perhaps your church family is not able to meet together physically, as is the case with ours. It may also be true that in just the few days that have gone by without this fellowship and encouragement you are feeling its effects. God is teaching us how important we must be to each other in the process of being built up and strengthened to remain faithful to our Father God and His word. So pray for one another and communicate as much as you can. The Bible tells us iron sharpens iron. May we all be willing to sharpen each other as we look outside of our own needs to the needs of those around us.

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